Perspective Press Global is a privately owned company founded by Sophia.


Our mission is to help young aspiring authors get their voices heard and provide a home for their work.

We work closely one-on-one with our authors and help them market their books so they reach thousands all over the world.


When Sophia was 13 years old, she had completed a novella but was constantly getting rejected because she was ‘too young.’ It was never to do with the quality of her work, rather because most publishing houses published those over the age of 20. Sophia then decided to go down the route of self-publishing (under the name Eleni Sophia.) Her work was even shared by the famous Kardashians!

We inspire young aspiring authors that there is no such thing as being ‘too young;’ your voices deserve to be heard.


Having researched the largest publishing houses in the UK, not one of them have published an author under the age of 20- at Perspective Press Global, we see your potential.


If successful, your books will be distributed worldwide. 

We specialize in genres of poetry and motivational reads. Please find the submissions page here .

Unlocking the world of publishing for those under the age of 20; ultimately, they are the next voice. 


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