Eleni Sophia's Subscription Box
Ideal for the everyday boss-woman; indulge the essence of both worlds; self-love and the boss life

Worth over $40 from just $19.99 a month

Welcome to Eleni Sophia's Subscription Box! Our first launch will be in June. Each month our boxes will remain mysterious; every three months we will include at least one signed copy of one of Sophia's works!

We will include some of Sophia's favorite books that stimulate the mind, some recommended meditations and things that nourish the soul!


Expect self-care packages; masks, candles, crystals  and many more each month! 

Eleni Sophia's boxes are perfect for the ideal boss-woman that balances both, her work-life and her time for self-love and self-care.

Each monthly box will contain 8 products and they make a lovely gift too!