This collection of short poetry will hopefully make you aware that no matter what life may throw at you, you can conquer it. 
Any form of heartbreak is one of the worst things one can encounter. Some say heartbreak is inevitable whereas some may disagree. However, almost every individual will probably experience some sort of heartbreak throughout their lives.
We all have our own ways of healing but throughout this book, I have written in such a way that hopefully, most people can relate; the pain is printed- in black and white (literally!)
I hope you can relate to my words- I tried to keep the poetry as simplistic as possible- as described by some readers, 'the words speak for themselves.'
I hope my words have a didactic element- which not only teach but remind you that you are not alone.
I hope you enjoy 'Good morning to Goodnight.'
Lots of love,
Eleni S Kaur

Good Morning to Goodnight- Eleni Sophia

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