•There’s just something about writing with pen and paper that really encourages me; you feel as if you’re physically constructing your desired lifestyle — it truly is a beautiful feeling!
I created this notebook so you too, can feel motivated and begin your amazing journey. Of course there will be bumps along the way, but that’s the beauty of it all. 
Use this space to record your ups and your downs; I’m a firm believer of the saying ‘there is no such thing as failure; one step back is two steps forward.’ So draw, create, write your ideas — whether you have an established business or are just entering the world of entrepreneurship, this notebook was designed for you. 
Believe in yourself, have faith in the universe and trust that everything else will fall into place.

I wish you the best of luck!

With Love,

Eleni Sophia

NOTEBOOK Write Your Business Plan, Sis 8.5 * 11 inches